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Embrace the Unexpected: Your Recovery, Reimagined

Life's most profound lessons often come from its biggest surprises. When you're thrown into the crucible of survival after a stroke or a significant health crisis, the journey isn't scripted. It's raw, real, and requires a bold blend of tenacity and trial-and-error. At Survivor Science, we understand that there's science in the stories, data in the shared experiences, and lessons in every victory and setback.

This is where the unexpected becomes a classroom, and each of us is both student and teacher. We're a fellowship of survivors, turning individual trials into a collective triumph. We believe in a method to the madness – the power of shared stories to uncover patterns, strategies, and insights that illuminate the way forward.

Our community is about the relentless pursuit of what works. It's a living laboratory where every anecdote adds evidence, and every personal breakthrough contributes to our understanding of recovery. We're constructing a roadmap one story at a time, charting a course through the unpredictable with the precision of shared knowledge.

Join Survivor Science, where your journey through fire becomes a beacon. Here, your trials, your errors, and your revelations pave the way for others. Together, we're not just surviving—we're methodically conquering the odds with the collective courage of our stories and the strength of our science-backed bonds.

Survivor Science is an independent publication and community launched in 2022 by Will Schmierer. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to the website as well as email newsletters about new content when it's available. Your subscription makes this site possible, and allows Survivor Science to continue to exist. Thank you!

Hey, great news your here! The downside is that you are family, member, or someone you love has had a significant life event with a difficult road ahead and one that is not easy to navigate by any stretch of the imagination!

The upside is that you've made it here and you either heard about survivor science and the community were building or you thankfully have stumbled upon things on your own! Either way, I'm stoked that you're here and let me just be the first to tell you having done thousands of hours of research and scouring the Internet since December 2019 I got you!

Our Mission

Survivor Science: Bridging the Gaps in Recovery

Our mission is clear: to arm survivors with knowledge and community support as they navigate the uncharted waters of their second chance at life. We recognize that despite the advances in care, there are still voids that need filling—gaps where even the most dedicated medical professionals may not reach.

At Survivor Science, we champion the uniqueness of every survivor's journey. We understand that the path to recovery is not one-size-fits-all, and the complexities can often be overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to providing a wealth of free information, pooling tools and resources from across survivor communities, to strengthen the fabric of support.

We’re dedicated to dismantling silos, fostering connections, and ensuring that whether you're at the outset or further along your path, the help you need is within reach. Because once a survivor, always a survivor.

In this journey, it doesn't get easier, but together, we can make it less daunting. At Survivor Science, you’re never alone.

Our Beliefs

At Survivor science, it's our belief that through trial and error and pure grit and determination, along with science backed studies and evidence, collaboration and experimentation is a lot of the power behind going from good enough to unstoppable as a survivor and getting back to the top of the mountain!

Our Approach

Listen, learn, trust, collaborate, share, stay open and keep going!

How We Can Help You

How Can We Help?

Survivor Science is dedicated to empowering stroke survivors and those overcoming major medical events. Our aim is to be a beacon of hope, guidance, and support. Here's just a taste of what we aim to offer:

1. Free Email Course on Breathing Techniques

Coming Soon!
Learn vital breathing methods to aid in recovery and stress management.

2. Personal Experiences and Lessons Learned

From one stroke survivor to another, we share personal stories and insights. Understand the challenges and triumphs that come with recovery.

3. Comprehensive Resources and Tools

Gain access to a curated collection of resources, including tips, tricks, and essential lessons. These are designed to help you rediscover your strength and resilience.

4. Support for Survivors and Their Loved Ones

Our resources cater not just to individual survivors, but also to family members and friends. Find information to effectively support your loved ones through their journey.

5. Shared Knowledge from a Variety of Sources

We compile information from diverse sources, offering a wide perspective on coping strategies and rehabilitation techniques.

6. Understanding Unique Challenges

Having experienced a stroke in December 2019, I recognize the overwhelming nature of such events. I'll share insights into the unique challenges and how to navigate them, whether you're a survivor or supporting one.

7. Empathy and Perspective

We emphasize the importance of understanding and empathy. Every survivor's journey is unique, and we aim to provide the perspective needed to face these challenges with awareness and sensitivity.

8.The Center 💖(coming soon!)

Survivor Science is more than just a blog; it's a community of support and learning. Join us in our mission to help you become the best version of yourself again.


The Lovable Survivor Podcast is about sharing the struggles, successes, and science behind, navigating your second chance at life!

We are building a community of survivors of all kinds to learn, grow share and connect from each other and individual experiences to help others learn what works as well!

Whether it's tips for managing daily tasks or advice for how to stay motivated, we've got you covered on the road to recovery. You don't have to go out alone!

Join us weekly if you want to grow beyond "Good Enough" to Unstoppable AF!

About Will Schmierer

What’s up Everybody! I’m Will, aka The Lovable Survivor 👋 💖

So, picture this: it’s 2019, I’m 37 and just minding my own business when BAM – I become a young stroke survivor. If that wasn’t enough, a couple of months later in February 2020, I get hit with another surprise – a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis! And let’s not forget that was right before the pandemic shook things up just a little bit. Now, as a stroke survivor, father, husband, and solopreneur I’ve made it my mission to help others going through a similar situation. Because let’s be real, recovering from a major life event like a stroke or anything similar is no walk in the park. It’s tough, overwhelming and can leave you feeling lost on where to go next. But fear not, the big man’s got your back!!

I’m here to help you go from “Good Enough” to “Unstoppable AF”! Sure, there are a ton of doctors, therapists and people with good intentions out there but let me tell you, the best advice and lessons come from those who have been in your shoes. And guess what? That’s me! Now, I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve spent the last three years researching, brainstorming and experimenting to find out what works and what doesn’t. And now, I want to share my struggles and successes with you to help you make the most of your second chance. Now, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. There are no shortcuts or magic pills when it comes to recovery. But by sharing stories, interviews and my own personal experience, you’ll be able to find what really works for you in your journey. So let’s do this together and build a show and community of resilient survivors looking to take back control of their lives and make the most of their second chance

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