Welcome STA Stroke Group to The Center, the Survivor Science Online Community!

Welcome STA Stroke Group to The Center, the Survivor Science Online Community!
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Welcome to The Center, STA Stroke Group!(and caregivers, friends, family, and support team)

Welcome to Survivor Science!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog, Survivor Science! This platform is a collection of insights from my own journey of recovery, sprinkled with podcast episodes, videos, recommendations, research, and more. As I embark on a master's degree in psychology this spring, I'm excited to blend academic perspectives with real-world experiences.

The main focus here is a special feature of the site known as "The Center," a dedicated space within the website for individuals who have experienced strokes or had similar major medical life events, as well as all their family and friends and caregivers, etc. This part of my website and its corresponding online community is crafted to support your recovery journey and foster connection. Even with our own group, the reality is sometimes we need help and talk to other survivors and individuals in between various meet ups is an important part of the process in my opinion. So this is definitely meant as an addition and just another avenue certainly not a replacement to in person or face-to-face events.

Here’s What I Need You to Do:

I've made a couple quick videos to explain who I am what the community is about and then a longer video showing you a few details so you get an idea before you sign up. Obviously, you don't have to watch all the videos, but they do provide valuable insights into how our community functions, especially as we adapt and grow. Please note that the last video in the list is slightly longer than I originally planned—this was an unplanned but valuable to show some of the direction, offering unique insights into recovery and community support.

Exclusive Access for Our Saint Augustine Stroke Group Members:

All members from the Saint Augustine Stroke Group, along with their family, friends, caregivers, and caretakers, are granted free access. This is my way of saying thank you for being a part of our journey from the beginning. If anyone from the therapy teams wishes to join, they are more than welcome, and I will personally ensure their seamless integration into our community.

Looking Forward:

While the core group will always enjoy nearly unrestricted access, I am planning to gradually expand to include those who have had brain injuries and other types of trauma. Eventually, this will evolve into a paid community to support and include people beyond our original circle. My vision is a diverse community of all ages, where different perspectives and challenges are shared and embraced.

Your Next Steps:

Below, you’ll find a few quick videos. Feel free to watch at your own pace—though watching them is a step towards deeper engagement with our community, but you could also totally skip them if you just wanna sign up. Once done, please fill out the sign-up form linked at the bottom of this page. This is not just a formality; it’s a way to ensure that I know who is who, and that everyone can get the most out of our group. You are encouraged to invite friends or family who might benefit from joining the community, you can email me or message me inside the community with that individuals info.

Remember that this isn't just a sign-up sheet; it's your way into a group of support and understanding that will change your life. I know that sounds a little corny, but it's kind of true!

As your guide, I will make sure that every step of your journey with us is worthwhile and enjoyable.

A little bit of my backstory

What is Survivor Science & The Center?

More Details Video 2

How It'll Work

A walk-through of The Center Community Space

Here is the quick and easy sign-up form!

If you have commas questions or need help, I'm putting a link to my calendar below feel free to schedule some time and we can hop on a Zoom call to go over any questions or issues or concerns you may have!?

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